Estimate Samples

In addition to new building and renovation estimates, our calculations include building maintenance cost estimates to be used in budget funding and cost verification estimates to confirm that a contractor’s proposal or vendor price is fair and reasonable.

Sample I is an estimate for a replacement of a deteriorated parapet wall. The Owner requested a cost study of four options.

Option 1A - Remove parapet and replace with new masonry wall and limestone coping. In this option the new parapet wall would appear to be the same as the original parapet.

Option 1B - Remove parapet and replace with new masonry wall and sheet metal coping. The sheet metal coping was significantly less that the limestone coping.

Option 1C - Salvage and rebuild parapet with existing brick and limestone. There was some concern that the new brick would not match the color of the thirty-year-old brick in the exterior wall. This option reflects the cost to salvage, clean and reuse the existing brick and limestone.

Option 1D - Remove parapet and install a gravel stop fascia at roof level. This option eliminated the parapet wall rebuilding and is the least expensive option. However, the elimination of the parapet exposed the roof to equipment to view from the street.


Sample J is a cost verification estimate for a retrofit of a fire protection sprinkler in an existing building. The fire protection contractor’s proposal appeared high compared to other sprinkler retrofits that the Owner had completed. STRC completed a field inspection and a detailed take-off based on the fire protection contractor’s engineering drawings. We determined that the building’s low floor-to-slab height and unusual structural system required double main sprinkler distribution on each floor, thereby increasing costs. STRC informed the Owner that the contractor’s proposal was fair and reasonable.