Estimate Samples


Design Development documents contain much greater detail than those of Schematic Design. Architectural elements and some of the structural systems are generally detailed enough to allow for a comprehensive quantity take-off. Drawings for HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical (MEP) are usually less developed than the architectural and structural plans; however, the types and functions of the systems are generally well defined. We can use the more detailed “system cost method” to refine the MEP costs.

Sample E is an estimate for ADA improvements to a private club on the twenty-fourth floor penthouse of a downtown Chicago building. The existing elevators stopped on the twenty-third floor and did not reach the club floor. In addition, the existing lobby floor elevation was five feet lower than the main dinning room floor level. The club had only one men’s restroom, which was not ADA accessible. The scope of work was to extend the elevator to the twenty-fourth floor dinning room level, raise the lobby floor to match the dinning room, build an addition on to the penthouse for a new women’s room, and remodel the existing men’s room for ADA compliance.

Sample E

Sample F is an estimate for a transit station renovation in Illinois. The work involved replacing the existing station building and providing a weather shelter canopy with new bus drop-offs. The station’s building was relatively small, around 2,325 square feet. The exterior canopies were over 580 feet long, with curved metal roof. The center station featured a fifty-foot high ornamental clock tower.

Sample F