Client Type: General Services Administration

STR Consulting has proudly provided estimating services to the GSA for more than 20 years. Our clear lines of communication with GSA Project Managers/Contracting Officers allow open discussion of a project’s scope and intent, resulting in quality cost information needed for successful projects.

Many GSA Project Manager/Contracting Officers who have worked with STRC can attest to the high level quality of our work. We would be happy to furnish references upon request.

New Construction & Renovation Estimating
STR Consulting LLC offers a full range of cost control services for new construction and renovation projects. We have an extensive historical database of GSA projects, including

  1. FBI, DEA, & ATF Field Offices
  2. U.S. Marshal Facilities
  3. U.S. Courthouses and Judges Chambers
  4. U.S. Attorney Offices and Libraries
  5. VA Office Building Renovations
  6. DHS and CBP Stations
  7. Social Security Administration Offices
  8. National Park Services Facilities
  9. DOD DAU Training Facilities and Offices
  10. ARRA Office Renovations
  11. EPA and USDA Laboratories and Offices
  12. IRS Offices

As an independent cost consultant, we do not sell anything, nor do we steer the decision- making process. Our sole job is to provide the unbiased cost information needed to make timely and informed decisions.

GSA Estimating Forms and Processes
STR Consulting LLC‘s database contains almost 500 estimates completed for the GSA. We understand shell and tenant improvement costs and are well versed with the GSA’s CEW revision #14 extensive.

Independent Cost Verification Estimates
STR Consulting LLC offer a full range of cost verification estimates to determine if the proposals and pricing you receive from your lessor, contractor and vendor are fair and reasonable