Client Type: Facilities / Building Manager

As a Facilities/Building Manager, you must often prepare for several different scenarios—but always within a fixed budget. STRC can help you determine if the funding allocated for a project is enough to complete the entire project. We can perform a detailed assessment of the scope of work to alert you if there are any ADA or code requirements that may not have been considered during the preliminary planning. We have the capacity to determine if the MEP systems can handle a renovation, and what the cost impacts are if the MEP systems are inadequate.

Today, about the only things you can be certain of are tightening funds and fluctuating costs.

STR Consulting’s extensive historic database, along with our unique association with the STR companies, allow us to offer a complete range of architectural and engineering services that take the guesswork out of your annual budget planning. We tailor our cost control services to your specific needs.

Because we are an independent cost consultant, we do not sell anything and we do not steer the decision-making process. Our sole job is to provide you with unbiased cost information that enables you to make timely and informed decisions.

New Construction & Renovation Estimating
Fiscal Year Budget Planning
Life Safety Estimating
Tenant Improvement/Client Need Estimates
Independent Cost Verification Estimates