You have a vision of the building/renovation you want…an idea of the funds at your disposal…perhaps even a design in hand…

But can you make your dreams a reality, on time and on budget?

We can help.

STR Consulting (STRC) offers seasoned, unbiased cost estimating and scheduling services to a wide variety of clients, including architects, construction managers, facility and property managers, and government agencies at the federal, state and local levels. Established in 1996, STRC functions as an independent construction consulting service firm and also provides Owner Representative services and component services tailored precisely to the needs of other construction users.

A successful project depends not only on aesthetics, but on a sensible, carefully planned budget and schedule. In a time of fluctuating, seemingly unpredictable costs and tightening funds, STRC offers exceptional service, accurate estimates and timely options.

You need STRC now, more than ever.